Yup…I’m a FWB for life type of girl…..


Ok, so after two miserable marriages, I have officially come to the conclusion that I am definitely a FWB type of girl. And not just a one-night stand type, although, don’t get me wrong, there is definitely something to be said for those hot, fantasy-fulfilling, anonymous, I-am-not-obligated-to-talk-to-you-again kind of nights!! No, I consider myself a sex lobster…I’ll fuck you for life. I love getting to know someone’s body, watching their face, listening to their breath catch in their throat, hear that deep, savage moan escape their lips. I get wet knowing that everything they are taking in with all of their senses….taste, sight, sound, touch and especially what they are watching, as I want you to remember this for the rest of your life! I must say, at this moment in my life, I can’t imagine only having one other body to please…for the rest of my life? Shoot me now, no thank you!

That is why I prefer the Stable Method. Many fine thoroughbreds have passed through these walls….yes….I went there! lol! I have also held on to some….close to 30 years. No matter how long their tenure, I absolutely adore every single one!

Now, one must stock her stable with only the finest in each category. The categories are subjective, of course, depending upon your level of kink and current fetish. Are you wondering what my categories are? Well, first, I look at what fetishes do we have in common? When I ask what are you into or what are your fetishes, please do not be afraid to tell me. Especially the dirty ones, with me, chances are, I love it too and would like to push some limits! However, here is a tip…do not get so dirty with the very first email or IM, that will never get you anything but deleted or blocked. But I digress….that is another topic!

Second, I seek out skilled masters at their crafts. And I love to call on them depending on my mood. A dreary, cold, rainy day….I love nothing more than to be licked and caressed for hours by an exceptional oral master. At the other end of the spectrum of my moods…you need to take your spankings from you Master, like a good girl.

After that, it all was based on how well we played together. Did we laugh? Was it relaxed and fun? I actually put a lot of points on the overnight (or 5+ hour) session. Definitely, eat your Wheaties, you will need it. And make sure you rested up! A big test for me is to see if I can achieve a tantric level with someone during a Sleepover. To see how my body responds to them is such a turn on.

Other things I look at…distance, OTBA (Outside The Bedroom Activities), and don’t forget the ever popular kill-joy, availability. Some are pretty show ponies….you can take them out to events, clubs, parties. Others may only be available once a month or so. And yet others, so good you would rock their world every chance you got, however, they are too far away for the covetedI’mIm so horny, come over and fuck my brains out real quick (and then leave) so I can get to sleep” position. Finding that pony is extremely difficult!!

I inventory my Stable constantly. I always like to keep an experienced Dom/Domme, and exceptional oral master, slave, boytoy, and a couple. I always liked a little variety. A little? Ok, I admit….I need a LOT.

So, that’s pretty much what I look for in selecting for my stable and why I’ll forever be a FWB type of girl. Im curious if others look at it the way I do?