Just Because I’m Bi…doesn’t mean you get an automatic FMF!

uuAs I have stated in the past, threesomes are hard to coordinate, period. Personalities, logistics, attitudes, rules, chemistry….damn, make it stop! But, when it works, it’s a FUCK YES! That being said, can I please address an issue that needs to be voiced? Yes, I am bi. Yes, I do crave the feel, taste, and attention of a woman and love nothing more than making her feel beautiful. Now, if I am FWB with a male, that does not mean that is an open invitation for an FMF, and frankly, shocked at the stereotype.

First, you have to pass most of MY tests. This is my reputation we are talking about, and I can’t send in a fighter under my name if I am not sure if you can get to round 2. Remember, you will have TWO of us to please now! We certainly do not want another episode of a Cum N Run!

Next, the chemistry that I mentioned, and this is the most important thing to remember. SEX IS ALWAYS ABOUT THE WOMAN. If the single female is just not feeling your man, sorry, it’s not going to happen! She doesn’t have to take one for the team, buddy, so be happy sitting in the chair, stroking yourself…..watching us women play. Its not like you aren’t enjoying yourself, just in a different way than you imagined.

Which brings me to another observation…Guys, I get it, really. Easy access to porn has ruined the image and perception of an FMF threesome. Two hot women kissing and licking and sucking, then craving your cock, both going down on you…fighting over you. Begging for you to give them your big, hard cock…..yeah, it happens, but very rarely!

What a man imagines what a threesome will be in his mind, MAY happen a very small percentage of the time. The majority of the time….there are cancellations. Or someone getting way too drunk because they are too nervous and feel they need some liquid courage, not a fan, btw. Or only the girls playing. You have to be very flexible and go with the flow.

Another tip…stop asking for it. I heard you. I got it. It’s filed away, and if the opportunity comes up that I feel you would be a good fit, believe me, I will bring you into the mix. As a Domme, I have to have the right combination and I refuse to put myself into a negative situation. Please do not continue to pressure me, that will not win you any points, nor make me move any faster in making it happen. Not this girl.

FMF can be an incredibly fun night! That is why I try to eliminate as much drama and try to anticipate any barriers beforehand and coordinate a great match up. Not just a one-time thing, cause if you all become friends and it’s an ongoing amazing thing, isn’t that the goal? That it was so awesome that you have to do it again, and push more limits next time? FUCK YES!

So, trust me…..just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


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