Some Pic No-No’s…..

As I sat home sick, scrolling through the Hot or Not pics….many things come to mind! I just thought I would share a few of my thoughts, and please feel free to add those of your own! You know you have been dying to say it….!photo-ffadult-r50-s2-420120551_41733.1266612653.superphoto

1. As being attracted to someone is very important to me, I need to see someone’s FACE. That is the FIRST THING that will draw me in. Granted, I have a size requirement…so, that being said….I want to see your face, NOT your cock. Now, I understand that due to professional or personal issues, those can not be your main pic. So, what would be my second preference to see for the main pic? Perhaps a full body shot and blot out the face. Have the same shot, uncensored in your private pics that you can unlock.That way you get an overall idea of the person you are looking at. Not an up close and personal shot of the wad of cum on the tip of your cock. Is that really the image you would like me to visualize to make me respond to your email? Let me tell you, it won’t.

2. Let’s talk about that dick pic, shall we? Men, I do believe I am speaking for the majority of females when I tell you this…TRIM YOUR SHIT UP!! And, ladies, if there are any of you out there who prefer it the Grizzly Addams Mountain Man way…Please….feel free to comment and let me know why, as I love to get behind the psychology of everything sexual! Personally, I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want it all shaved off. Ok, I get it, it can get itchy, but that is initially. Once you are used to shaving, it’s fine. Its sooooo much sexier, and pssstttt……guys, it makes your cock look so much bigger!!

If you are taking a close-up shot, of your “best asset”….something that you want me to say, “MMMM…Fuck yes! I have to have that cock!” Don’t you think you should make it presentable? I mean, when your mother took you to get your school pics done, she at least combed your hair, right? Gentlemen, this is no different. The first thing I think of? If I give this guy a blowjob, I will be flossing my teeth with his brillo pad! NO THANK YOU! MANSCAPE!!

3. On the females side…I have to say it… I really don’t believe in flashing your pussy lips as the initial hello. Ladies, have a little class, please? And, I have to cringe and avert my eyes when it looks like your pussy has been through a meat grinder, to boot! Tuck them puppies away, girls! Ok, enough said on this subject as it actually disgusts and annoys me for some reason.

4. Try not to have every pic of you holding something alcoholic and looking like a soldier home on leave. We get it, you can let loose and have a few…. the life of the party. I want to see you in all scenarios. Not six shots of the preverbal “wad of cum on the tip of your cock” pic. B420120551_41733.6215776.22503556.superphotoecause when I am looking at all these different scenes, I’m visualizing me beside you…doing them with you. If we like the same things, if we look good together….that is going to draw me into you..making me crave to know more of you.

5. Here’s a pet peeve about “couple” pics. When there are only pics of one of them. BIG FUCKING RED FLAG!! I’m sorry, do couple’s that do this, not know this? To me, when there are only pics of the woman…especially neck down, either #1 you are pimping her out and she really doesn’t want to do it. Or #2, you broke up, are thinking that because I’m bi, I will be more likely to respond to you because it’s another females pics I’m looking at? Seriously? You are hiding behind a set of tits, you pussy! Man up and get your own single profile. Contact customer service and have them switch the account, d-bag.

6. ALWAYS check your backgrounds and surroundings!!!! It kind of takes a little away from the sexiness when I see a hot, young stud jerking his 9 inches on his Batman sheets. Racist memorabilia, trash, incriminating evidence…you get the point. If you feel the absolute need to do the dreaded bathroom mirror selfie…please make sure the toilet is out of the shot? Nothing says, “Come fuck me!” like shit stains to the left of your cock (or worse, head!) And yes, I did just say that…

Ok…that’s what I have so far. I welcome your input and comments! Carry on and play safe out there, kids!


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