Pet Peeve: Cum n Run

18741741_651033378439226_1647429498_nSo, one of my pet peeves is a One-and-Done: Cum-and-Run. If you fall into this category, I am just not the girl for you. As sex to me, is a dance, a seduction..and I take great pride in that art form. That being said, there are certain, wonderful aspects to each act that I particularly enjoy, and that is the key! Gather round children, school is in session! The secret to being really good at something….is to really enjoy doing it. Not a big secret huh? But we can all tell when someone isn’t really into it, right? So for me, oral is one of those skills that I am just blessed with. Its something that I truly love showcasing and making the most mind blowing (literally, experience possible. Yay me! Yay, lucky you!

The problem with this? I had to learn the hard way to make sure I get mine first. When I didn’t insist upon this at first, the brain and body apparently shut down from overload from coming so hard within minutes (ok, seconds sometimes), then embarrassment kicks in (which I never understood, go with it and try for round 2!?), causing immediate fleeing. Which is probably best, because now you have made it so awkward, I’m getting pissed, coupled with the fact I didn’t get any. In fact, it would be right around this time my 50% Sicilian would be coming out, and one word, my friend…RUN!

Showcase your orals skills on me first…then, I will reciprocate on a level that is deemed equivalent. I have been burned way too many times, hence the evolution of my Cum n Run pet peeve and therefore implemented a set of rules.

My rules? I get to cum at least once before you.  When going out, if anyone else is involved…you better have one more in you for the final fuck of the night, getting me off, as well, of course! If we are doing a sleepover, morning sex is a must. I must know when you are about to cum. I’m a verbal/auditory kind of girl, love to hear it, and at times….depending on what is going on…..want you to ask me for permission to cum, just as I would give you the same courtesy. You know, rules?17910850_631808767028354_1519001855_n

Safe words are used and respected. If you didn’t hear the safe word, I didn’t tell you to stop then, did I?

I know that I am a lot to handle for many people. Been told I am not for the novice many times over. I’m an amazing teacher, but honestly, teaching gets old, so searching for that perfect balance is difficult. I must admit, I occasionally feel the need to sharpen my preverbal MattressKitten claws on a newbie, vanilla or otherwise, (however, vanilla is particularly sweeter) and ruin them for any other woman or man. One thinks they can handle it, and I allow them into the den, only to have them freak out and run. You think I would have learned my lesson by now. The interviewing process has become more stringent. No more “Cum n Run’ please!!??


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