Pet Peeve: Cum n Run

18741741_651033378439226_1647429498_nSo, one of my pet peeves is a One-and-Done: Cum-and-Run. If you fall into this category, I am just not the girl for you. As sex to me, is a dance, a seduction..and I take great pride in that art form. That being said, there are certain, wonderful aspects to each act that I particularly enjoy, and that is the key! Gather round children, school is in session! The secret to being really good at something….is to really enjoy doing it. Not a big secret huh? But we can all tell when someone isn’t really into it, right? So for me, oral is one of those skills that I am just blessed with. Its something that I truly love showcasing and making the most mind blowing (literally, experience possible. Yay me! Yay, lucky you!

The problem with this? I had to learn the hard way to make sure I get mine first. When I didn’t insist upon this at first, the brain and body apparently shut down from overload from coming so hard within minutes (ok, seconds sometimes), then embarrassment kicks in (which I never understood, go with it and try for round 2!?), causing immediate fleeing. Which is probably best, because now you have made it so awkward, I’m getting pissed, coupled with the fact I didn’t get any. In fact, it would be right around this time my 50% Sicilian would be coming out, and one word, my friend…RUN!

Showcase your orals skills on me first…then, I will reciprocate on a level that is deemed equivalent. I have been burned way too many times, hence the evolution of my Cum n Run pet peeve and therefore implemented a set of rules.

My rules? I get to cum at least once before you.  When going out, if anyone else is involved…you better have one more in you for the final fuck of the night, getting me off, as well, of course! If we are doing a sleepover, morning sex is a must. I must know when you are about to cum. I’m a verbal/auditory kind of girl, love to hear it, and at times….depending on what is going on…..want you to ask me for permission to cum, just as I would give you the same courtesy. You know, rules?17910850_631808767028354_1519001855_n

Safe words are used and respected. If you didn’t hear the safe word, I didn’t tell you to stop then, did I?

I know that I am a lot to handle for many people. Been told I am not for the novice many times over. I’m an amazing teacher, but honestly, teaching gets old, so searching for that perfect balance is difficult. I must admit, I occasionally feel the need to sharpen my preverbal MattressKitten claws on a newbie, vanilla or otherwise, (however, vanilla is particularly sweeter) and ruin them for any other woman or man. One thinks they can handle it, and I allow them into the den, only to have them freak out and run. You think I would have learned my lesson by now. The interviewing process has become more stringent. No more “Cum n Run’ please!!??


Some Pic No-No’s…..

As I sat home sick, scrolling through the Hot or Not pics….many things come to mind! I just thought I would share a few of my thoughts, and please feel free to add those of your own! You know you have been dying to say it….!photo-ffadult-r50-s2-420120551_41733.1266612653.superphoto

1. As being attracted to someone is very important to me, I need to see someone’s FACE. That is the FIRST THING that will draw me in. Granted, I have a size requirement…so, that being said….I want to see your face, NOT your cock. Now, I understand that due to professional or personal issues, those can not be your main pic. So, what would be my second preference to see for the main pic? Perhaps a full body shot and blot out the face. Have the same shot, uncensored in your private pics that you can unlock.That way you get an overall idea of the person you are looking at. Not an up close and personal shot of the wad of cum on the tip of your cock. Is that really the image you would like me to visualize to make me respond to your email? Let me tell you, it won’t.

2. Let’s talk about that dick pic, shall we? Men, I do believe I am speaking for the majority of females when I tell you this…TRIM YOUR SHIT UP!! And, ladies, if there are any of you out there who prefer it the Grizzly Addams Mountain Man way…Please….feel free to comment and let me know why, as I love to get behind the psychology of everything sexual! Personally, I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want it all shaved off. Ok, I get it, it can get itchy, but that is initially. Once you are used to shaving, it’s fine. Its sooooo much sexier, and pssstttt……guys, it makes your cock look so much bigger!!

If you are taking a close-up shot, of your “best asset”….something that you want me to say, “MMMM…Fuck yes! I have to have that cock!” Don’t you think you should make it presentable? I mean, when your mother took you to get your school pics done, she at least combed your hair, right? Gentlemen, this is no different. The first thing I think of? If I give this guy a blowjob, I will be flossing my teeth with his brillo pad! NO THANK YOU! MANSCAPE!!

3. On the females side…I have to say it… I really don’t believe in flashing your pussy lips as the initial hello. Ladies, have a little class, please? And, I have to cringe and avert my eyes when it looks like your pussy has been through a meat grinder, to boot! Tuck them puppies away, girls! Ok, enough said on this subject as it actually disgusts and annoys me for some reason.

4. Try not to have every pic of you holding something alcoholic and looking like a soldier home on leave. We get it, you can let loose and have a few…. the life of the party. I want to see you in all scenarios. Not six shots of the preverbal “wad of cum on the tip of your cock” pic. B420120551_41733.6215776.22503556.superphotoecause when I am looking at all these different scenes, I’m visualizing me beside you…doing them with you. If we like the same things, if we look good together….that is going to draw me into you..making me crave to know more of you.

5. Here’s a pet peeve about “couple” pics. When there are only pics of one of them. BIG FUCKING RED FLAG!! I’m sorry, do couple’s that do this, not know this? To me, when there are only pics of the woman…especially neck down, either #1 you are pimping her out and she really doesn’t want to do it. Or #2, you broke up, are thinking that because I’m bi, I will be more likely to respond to you because it’s another females pics I’m looking at? Seriously? You are hiding behind a set of tits, you pussy! Man up and get your own single profile. Contact customer service and have them switch the account, d-bag.

6. ALWAYS check your backgrounds and surroundings!!!! It kind of takes a little away from the sexiness when I see a hot, young stud jerking his 9 inches on his Batman sheets. Racist memorabilia, trash, incriminating evidence…you get the point. If you feel the absolute need to do the dreaded bathroom mirror selfie…please make sure the toilet is out of the shot? Nothing says, “Come fuck me!” like shit stains to the left of your cock (or worse, head!) And yes, I did just say that…

Ok…that’s what I have so far. I welcome your input and comments! Carry on and play safe out there, kids!

Just Because I’m Bi…doesn’t mean you get an automatic FMF!

uuAs I have stated in the past, threesomes are hard to coordinate, period. Personalities, logistics, attitudes, rules, chemistry….damn, make it stop! But, when it works, it’s a FUCK YES! That being said, can I please address an issue that needs to be voiced? Yes, I am bi. Yes, I do crave the feel, taste, and attention of a woman and love nothing more than making her feel beautiful. Now, if I am FWB with a male, that does not mean that is an open invitation for an FMF, and frankly, shocked at the stereotype.

First, you have to pass most of MY tests. This is my reputation we are talking about, and I can’t send in a fighter under my name if I am not sure if you can get to round 2. Remember, you will have TWO of us to please now! We certainly do not want another episode of a Cum N Run!

Next, the chemistry that I mentioned, and this is the most important thing to remember. SEX IS ALWAYS ABOUT THE WOMAN. If the single female is just not feeling your man, sorry, it’s not going to happen! She doesn’t have to take one for the team, buddy, so be happy sitting in the chair, stroking yourself…..watching us women play. Its not like you aren’t enjoying yourself, just in a different way than you imagined.

Which brings me to another observation…Guys, I get it, really. Easy access to porn has ruined the image and perception of an FMF threesome. Two hot women kissing and licking and sucking, then craving your cock, both going down on you…fighting over you. Begging for you to give them your big, hard cock…..yeah, it happens, but very rarely!

What a man imagines what a threesome will be in his mind, MAY happen a very small percentage of the time. The majority of the time….there are cancellations. Or someone getting way too drunk because they are too nervous and feel they need some liquid courage, not a fan, btw. Or only the girls playing. You have to be very flexible and go with the flow.

Another tip…stop asking for it. I heard you. I got it. It’s filed away, and if the opportunity comes up that I feel you would be a good fit, believe me, I will bring you into the mix. As a Domme, I have to have the right combination and I refuse to put myself into a negative situation. Please do not continue to pressure me, that will not win you any points, nor make me move any faster in making it happen. Not this girl.

FMF can be an incredibly fun night! That is why I try to eliminate as much drama and try to anticipate any barriers beforehand and coordinate a great match up. Not just a one-time thing, cause if you all become friends and it’s an ongoing amazing thing, isn’t that the goal? That it was so awesome that you have to do it again, and push more limits next time? FUCK YES!

So, trust me…..just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

A Peek Inside

I thought I would write about a recent date that I had. Perhaps you were wondering what crazy ass thought goes through my mind? Or what exactly I look for when “Interviewing”. So, this particular applicant, I had met at a private club previously, and yes…we did play. bbpeekThis is called a “Prop”. It is not a bad way to find your way in…but, it’s similar to playing the lottery, as I never know what I will be in the mood for. Although we had met before, we never had one on one time. I needed to see if he had potential to move to perhaps “House Boy” or “Show Pony” status. I notice everything…how you dressed, ease of conversation, but sexual tension, most of all. I watch how my body responds to you…how am I sitting toward you? What is my body language? A dead giveaway, other than my soaked panties, is if I can’t keep my hands off of you. You’re IN!

Now, throughout dinner…he seemed very nervous, but we had a good conversation. He can make me laugh, that’s a bonus! I HAVE to have someone who gets this warped mind!!  I want to know what got you interested in the lifestyle and for you to tell me your story…face to face. That is hot. After dinner, we go to a lounge/club and then a nightclub. He finally loosened up by the end of the night and was dancing with me. Where is this dominant, take charge, ex-marine side that I have been wanting to catch a glimpse? It is 1:30 am, and I am either ready for sleep or a good fucking…which will it be?

On the whole ride home, I admit, I was on the fence, whether to invite him in. He’d had a bit to drink, and could tell in the way he drove home. I didn’t want him on the road in that condition, so I decided to see what would happen. I excuse myself and change into a tank and boy shorts, and when I come back into my room, he is sitting in the chair. (which you can get the most amazing sexual positions on, btw!) I sprawled out on the king bed, stretching…as we talked about nothing really at all, but everything had a sexual undertone. What is he waiting for? Apparently, I’m going to have to make the first move. I can’t take anymore, frustration and animal instinct taking over, I went over to the chair and kissed him. Softly, flicking my tongue around his lips and tongue…trailing to his neck, then his ear. I could feel him stiffen as I straddle him and gasp into his ear as I ground my pussy on his hard, throbbing cock. He grabbed my ass and pulled me down harder onto him…hmmm…did I just find a good spot? Somebody loves his ears teased! Oh, I got you now! I went to town on his ear…..soft breaths…gasps…lightly licking…flicking my tongue….then BOOM! he picks me up and carries me to the bed….about fucking time!

He was a good kisser. Not too hard, not too much tongue or lips. There is nothing worse than someone who can’t kiss. I base a lot on a kiss, the attention that someone usually puts into kissing the lips on my mouth is a good indicator of the type of attention my other lips will get. He slipped the boy shorts over my hips as he slowly kissed my thighs, making his way to my pussy. MMM…He was good, using his fingers and his mouth. I liked the slight stretching he was doing…I wanted more of that. He had me squirting all over, then he would go down to lick it up and ….YOWZA! He just bit my clit! Hmmm, little too hard for right off the bat. He needs to work for that….build it up…soft at first and get me to the point of wanting you to almost bite it off!

I decided to save my clit, and flip the script. Since I didn’t get to really give him a proper Barbi BJ last week, I decided it was time. I crawled between his legs, licking his inner thigh slowly, working my way to his cock. The tip of my tongue swirling around the head, tasting his precum. Looking into his eyes, as I slowly took him all into my mouth and down my throat. Stroking his cock as I sucked and could feel him come very close a few times…I wondered if he was going to control it…or I was not getting fucked tonight. My military man got it under control, which just fueled me as I thought, “Uh-huh…let’s see how many times u can do that….”

More determined now, his cock got thicker and harder in my mouth two more times before he grabbed the pillow and yelled, “Holy FUCK!!” into it. And yet, he still kept it under control. Roger THAT!!

I lift my head, look into his eyes and say, “I need you to fuck me…now!” and he jumps up and flips me onto my back. My legs straddled completely behind me….(very grateful for yoga at this point!) and he starts to pound my pussy…and I’m thinking, “Ahhh…here comes that dominant side…” This has been what I’ve been waiting for all night. Encouraging him to fuck me harder, make me take that cock, he slams into me with everything he has.

It is a good thing I’m this flexible, however, I do have my limits! He has all his weight on my ankles, pressing them into the bed, as my legs are straddled above my head….ouch! I feel him getting thicker when I decide to stop him to switch positions….making him regroup and come back down. I’m not done getting fucked, and don’t care if its 6 am and you are sweating like a pig! And I tell him to fuck me doggy style…dogg

I flip over, and I know this is his favorite part of me. I hear him suck in his breath as I get into a child’s pose position. I feel his hands roaming over my ass, across my tattoos and then, with no warning, I feel him shove into me, slamming me into the pillow. He grabs either side of my ass…squeezing, pushing and separating. I would have liked him to spank me, but alas! This was the moment when I hear, “Oh shit! Don’t look down! Keep it together!” I could feel his cock getting impossibly hard, tearing into me. Hearing this, I start to deeply squeeze my pussy muscles, milking his cock, sending him over the edge!

After we fucked last week, I had his cock trapped in my pussy by squeezing him. The look on his face told me that NO ONE had ever done that to him before. Well, this time…he pulls out immediately, not giving me time to grab on. He took the pussy way out…haha! Said he didn’t want to wake my roommate from the howling it would have made him do. Hmm…so, now I’m thinking, “You can’t take me draining every last drop of cum from your cock by milking it with my pussy…prolonging that orgasm to the most extreme point. Pity!” As a tantric lover, or really….just as a woman, I must say to all men…Please don’t pull out that quick! To feel your rock, hard cock throb and cum…then feel it pulse inside as it subsides…is super hot. On top of that, it triggers my aftershocks…and that is something that you don’t want to miss out on!

Meeting with Couples…a whole other set of rules


So, let’s face it, it’s pretty much the ultimate fantasy for a man. To have his hot wife or girlfriend being seduced by an equally hot, single female? Got your attention? I thought so!

MMM, nothing I enjoy more, (ok, there are many things that I enjoy, but this is a different, special kind for me) than seducing a woman, especially one that is on the fence about being with a woman. I can literally smell her fear and excitement building of liking it too much…wanting to crave it too much….knowing she will never forget what I am about to do to her, and how she will think about this moment as she touches herself for the rest of her life. Yes, I’m addicted.

But, I only indulge occasionally, and I have very stringent rules. Too many crazy situations have assured some quality lessons learned!! Ill give you a hint, want to get a seasoned, lifestyle unicorn’s attention? School is in session, children…gather round! Hey guys, let the ladies talk! Have the female initiate contact with me. Because…news flash…this isn’t about YOU. This is about your amazing woman feeling beautiful and you should be at our feet, worshipping us! (or the other way around, depending on the scene-of-the-moment! ha!)

Point is, couples are difficult! You have double the personalities to have to deal with, double the fetishes, double the hard and soft limits, double the OTB issues, and then throw in their relationship issues and insecurities. DRAMA! I definitely think twice before meeting with couples. I always liked to meet with couples at a meet and greet, kind of speed dating in a very social setting to see how we all hang out. I always felt that was a more fun night out with a couple, not so “date-y”, like I would do with a single guy.

Ok, for my single ladies…. I am going to address the pink elephant in the room. We hate it when the male tries to hit us up on the side. We are not interested in you. This was about giving into my primal need to seduce your woman right in front of you. Slowly undress her, kissing her entire body as I lay her down….oh my!! But I digress!!!

Another hint, the female of the couple should always offer to voice verify pretty early in the game if no plans to meet soon have been made. This is also to protect you! I’m sure we all have or have heard those stories!

Having a few couples in your stable is always great, once you can get to that point. But it is a difficult thing to achieve. Personalities, schedules, and interests have all been increased by one. And that is when you can get to that point past the interview process!

Fantastic! Now, I definitely have the urge to turn a curious bi-girl.

Yup…I’m a FWB for life type of girl…..


Ok, so after two miserable marriages, I have officially come to the conclusion that I am definitely a FWB type of girl. And not just a one-night stand type, although, don’t get me wrong, there is definitely something to be said for those hot, fantasy-fulfilling, anonymous, I-am-not-obligated-to-talk-to-you-again kind of nights!! No, I consider myself a sex lobster…I’ll fuck you for life. I love getting to know someone’s body, watching their face, listening to their breath catch in their throat, hear that deep, savage moan escape their lips. I get wet knowing that everything they are taking in with all of their senses….taste, sight, sound, touch and especially what they are watching, as I want you to remember this for the rest of your life! I must say, at this moment in my life, I can’t imagine only having one other body to please…for the rest of my life? Shoot me now, no thank you!

That is why I prefer the Stable Method. Many fine thoroughbreds have passed through these walls….yes….I went there! lol! I have also held on to some….close to 30 years. No matter how long their tenure, I absolutely adore every single one!

Now, one must stock her stable with only the finest in each category. The categories are subjective, of course, depending upon your level of kink and current fetish. Are you wondering what my categories are? Well, first, I look at what fetishes do we have in common? When I ask what are you into or what are your fetishes, please do not be afraid to tell me. Especially the dirty ones, with me, chances are, I love it too and would like to push some limits! However, here is a tip…do not get so dirty with the very first email or IM, that will never get you anything but deleted or blocked. But I digress….that is another topic!

Second, I seek out skilled masters at their crafts. And I love to call on them depending on my mood. A dreary, cold, rainy day….I love nothing more than to be licked and caressed for hours by an exceptional oral master. At the other end of the spectrum of my moods…you need to take your spankings from you Master, like a good girl.

After that, it all was based on how well we played together. Did we laugh? Was it relaxed and fun? I actually put a lot of points on the overnight (or 5+ hour) session. Definitely, eat your Wheaties, you will need it. And make sure you rested up! A big test for me is to see if I can achieve a tantric level with someone during a Sleepover. To see how my body responds to them is such a turn on.

Other things I look at…distance, OTBA (Outside The Bedroom Activities), and don’t forget the ever popular kill-joy, availability. Some are pretty show ponies….you can take them out to events, clubs, parties. Others may only be available once a month or so. And yet others, so good you would rock their world every chance you got, however, they are too far away for the covetedI’mIm so horny, come over and fuck my brains out real quick (and then leave) so I can get to sleep” position. Finding that pony is extremely difficult!!

I inventory my Stable constantly. I always like to keep an experienced Dom/Domme, and exceptional oral master, slave, boytoy, and a couple. I always liked a little variety. A little? Ok, I admit….I need a LOT.

So, that’s pretty much what I look for in selecting for my stable and why I’ll forever be a FWB type of girl. Im curious if others look at it the way I do?