The Point of No Return

25489028_140402480076347_1504757362_nWhat was that one, pivotal moment that you knew you had a strong, sexual craving for something outside of what society considers “normal”? That erotically charged moment that continues to appear in your fantasies time and again. Sure, the names and faces may change, but it was that moment of which you set the preverbal bar of your level of kink. I believe my defining moment was when I was 15.

My step-father had moved us from a wealthy part of southern New Jersey to Bumble Fuck, PA. I hated him, and for many more reasons than losing the family business and moving us to the middle of nowhere. I’ve had an especially hard time keeping his hands off of me lately. My breasts had started budding when I was 10 years old, way ahead of any of the other girls in my class. This, of course, got me a LOT of attention…from everyone, including my step-father. He loved to humiliate and brutalize me, especially when we were alone. If being alone wasn’t an option, he would whisper in my ear, “MMMM…I can see your little titties growing just for me.”. Or “I can see your pussy lips when your bathing suit gets wet. I want to know how you taste.” He absolutely disgusted me. And yet, I feel my pussy throbbing and dripping down my leg. During all of this time, my body was awakening on all kinds of levels. And, yes, I understand the psychology behind my kinks and my past. It fascinates me and I embrace it. I love to understand WHY we have the kinks we do because it unravels so much more than just one sexual level. But, I digress…

I believe I started touching my pussy for pleasure around age 6, and coincidentally, my first bi experience. I was at a girl friend’s house, playing Barbie’s and she said she wanted to show me something, but we had to do it in her closet because it was a secret. Well, now I’m REALLY fascinated! After shutting us in the closet, she says we have to get naked. With the little bit of light coming through the slats in the door, we started taking off our clothes. She tells me that this will feel so good and to lay on the floor. Trembling, I lay on the floor and see that she has something in her hand as she opens my legs, crawling closer to my pussy. She starts rubbing my pussy with something very soft…furry. So gentle, sending tingles all through my body. I knew then I wanted to know all I could about this feeling and how can I get MORE?

Something inside me switched. I felt my sexual engine start to run. And not just my pussy, but my ass too. No household item was off limits. Carrots seemed to be my favorite, so many in the package, no one missed one. The BIGGEST one, but just one, none the less.

Well, until I was about 15 and discovered how incredible it felt with two inside me. OHHH the possibilities with TWO! I would take very long showers, after long since discovering the handheld shower head was a great replacement for the bidet I was used to cumming too. Slowly working both of those cold (perhaps why I always keep a glass dildo in my freezer? Lol), orange dildos into my ass and pussy, while focusing the hot, pulsing spray onto my throbbing clit. FUCK! I never came so hard! And, I knew I wanted more. I needed to feel two live, hot cocks inside me at the same time.

I was dating an older guy from Philly, Vito, that I had met at one of the underage clubs in town before we moved out to God’s country. He was 19 and a dark-haired, sexy, Italian Dom, and taught me many things. I credit him for being the first guy to get me to orgasm. I melted into his hands. It was a Saturday night, and like all other Saturday nights, I had to babysit my brothers and sister while my mom and step-father went out with friends. I hadn’t seen him in a while and…well, let’s be honest…I was craving his touch. I loved being his dirty little slut, and he told me if he’s driving an hour to see me, I had better make it worth his time. I told him, there was no way he would be disappointed. 25497188_140402453409683_308874584_n

By the time he arrived at my house, the kids were asleep and I had gotten the hot tub ready. I answered the door in my white bikini (yes, the one where you can see my pussy if wet), and there he was, standing at my door, big smile with his sunglasses on (that song sunglasses at night ALWAYS brings me back to this night!) and his friend, Eric, right beside him. He was the starting quarterback at a university in Philly and looked every bit the part. Hard, muscular body, the boy next door looks and hungry blue eyes that slowly took in every inch of me in my white, see-through bikini (yes, the same one my step-father loved so much). I watched his eyes go from my hot pink manicured toes, up my muscular, cheerleader legs to the wet spot growing around my camel toe, as he licked his lips. My heart was about to beat out of my chest and my soaked pussy seemed to pulsate to that same rhythm.

“You remember my friend, Eric? I was telling him about your craving to have both of your slutty holes and he wanted to help you out.” Vito said with that dazzling smile of his. I looked back at Eric and could see a very impressive cock straining to be freed beneath his swim shorts.

Vito leans in, pinches my nipple and whispers, “I know you won’t disappoint me, baby girl.” At that moment, my pussy exploded! And without a single stroke to my pussy!

“Good girl,” he says, as we make our way out back to the hot tub. My pussy throbbing and dripping with anticipation as my mind starts running through all the possible scenarios. Is this really about to happen? Won’t Vito freak out if his friend touches me? But, OMG I need to feel both of those cocks fucking me, stretching me open in so many ways!25489012_140402530076342_1456877603_n

I hear the crack of beer cans, as l get into the hot, bubbling water. Vito, sunglasses still on, takes a seat in one of the corners and sits back as Eric takes off his shorts, unleashing a cock that was about 9 inches and climbs into the hot tub with us. Eric stands me in the middle of the hot tub and reaches out to caress my hard nipple through my top. Instantly, my body ignites into a burning heat as I look over at Vito. Is he really going to let his friend do this to me? Damn those sunglasses! I see his evil grin as he tells me to relax and enjoy. I look back to Eric as he leans over and takes my nipple between his teeth, lightly biting and tugging. Closing my eyes, I can’t hide the groan that escapes my lips, as Eric unties my top and throws it over the side of the hot tub.

“Put your hands at your side, my good, little slut. Offer my friend those big tits, of yours.” I hear Vito whisper in my ear, behind me. “I saw your pussy juice leaking down your leg as we walked through the house. You can’t wait to feel both of our big cocks opening up all of your tight holes. Baby girl, you will need to ice down that pretty pussy of yours tomorrow, I can guarantee it!” as I feel his fingers slowly tickling down my back, and into my bikini bottoms, pushing them down.

I throw my head back and groan as Eric sucks my nipple hard into his mouth. His other hand squeezing and kneading my other tit, and occasionally slapping it. I LOVE having my tits worshipped…and tortured, to a degree, as I have become quite a pain slut. When a man knows how to switch it up…providing both that level of exquisite, erotic pain and then a soothing and sensual building back up to an even higher level. By the time I was 15, my breasts were a tad larger than 36C’s, but not quite D. My nipples were always hard, even to this day and extremely sensitive.

Then, I feel Vito’s other hand slide around to my pussy. “Just as I thought, dripping wet just as a good little slut should be. Do you like Daddy’s surprise, baby? I can’t wait to see how much you can take.” Vito starts rubbing my clit as he pushes a finger into my ass.

“Yes, Daddy! Thank you for my surprise! I promise to not disappoint you”, I say as he pinches my clit, making me suck in my breath.

“Good girl. Now, go over and show Eric how amazing you are with your mouth. Make him feel very good, baby.” Eric was sitting on the edge of the hot tub, his hard, throbbing cock stretching up past his belly button. Kneeling on the seat, I grab his cock with both hands and look into Eric’s eyes. He grabs a fistful of my hair in his hand and says, “Tell me how bad you want me to fuck your throat, slut. No, better yet, show me!” he says as he pushes my head down to his big dick.

To be continued…


What’s Wrong With Being Really Sexually Promiscuous?

slut-shaming-750x400If you are at all open about your sexual life, you ultimately will find yourself judged (especially women). It isn’t a surprise when it happens from your extreme vanilla friends or that church-going neighbor, but it really baffles us when it comes from folks who don’t fall into the mainstream of society when it comes to sexual behavior.

This is why we wanted to share this Alternet article written by Dr. Zhana, What’s Wrong With Being Really Sexually Promiscuous?

There is no doubt that, among the general population, promiscuity is almost universally considered a bad thing. It seems like every day there is a new example of slut-shaming, often with tragic outcomes; the sex addiction industry routinely labels all promiscuous people as having a problem; and studies show that over 70% of college students would lose respect for someone who “hooks up or has sex with lots of people.”

But anti-promiscuity stigma also often comes from those who themselves embrace alternative sexual lifestyles, often as a way to justify their own—less promiscuous—alternative lifestyle and, consciously or unconsciously, make it more palatable to the general public. Because anything, anything, is better than promiscuity.

Have you encountered this stigma in your own life? Can you remember times when you yourself may have contributed to this stigma by shaming someone else? We would love to hear from you!

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